News around Glazer and Man Utd

Glazers reported to be selling stake in Manchester United

United rebuff talk of 2bn takeover by Qatar Holding

Manchester United deny reports linking the club with a 1.5bn takeover offer from Qatar - report (23/1)

We will keep United for seven more years, say defiant Glazers (3/3)

Group Explores Manchester United Bid (3/3)

Man Utd in talks to refinance its debt (5/1)

One thing at Manchester United isn't going downhill: their debt (5/1)

MANCHESTER UNITED have to pay back a staggering 1.1BILLION of debt in the next nine years. (29/4)

Man Utd's financial challenge (16/3)

Worried lenders sell on Man Utd debts at knockdown price (15/3)

AIG will not renew Manchester United sponsorship (30/1)

League asks for help over shady new owners (18/9)


Glazers deny Chinese approach for United (18/5)

Man Utd defend ticket price rise (18/5)

Ferguson salutes the Glazers over 'non-interference' (19/4)



Gartside calls for action on foreign takeovers (12/3)

Reds fans stage Glazer protest (10/21)

Glazer control over Man United grows (10/18)

Glazer family 'in security scare' (8/21)

Glazer keeps it in the family (6/22)

Charlton challenges Glazer family critics (5/22)

Glazer suffers second stroke (5/20)

Looking for a place in Amsterdam? Aroundthehouse.EU.

Looking for a place in Amsterdam?



MP: Man Utd Lotto cash 'obscene' (4/22)

James Nesbitt shows guilt (4/4)

Reds call for ticket commitment (3/21)

Ferguson gets a dressing-down (3/21)


Ruud to quit Utd (3/15)

United sinks Wigan by four (2/27)

UNITED we stand! (2/21)

Glazer's Manchester United Loses Richest Team Status to Madrid (2/17)

Man Utd in hock to Glazer's lender (1/25)

Glazer Sees Man Utd Profits Drop 20% (1/24)

United reclaim 'world richest' tag (1/24)


Americans Krafting A Liverpool Takeover?(9/19)


Unhappy Man Utd fans' club plays first game (8/13)

Manchester divided (8/12)

Ferdinand finally ends speculation (8/8)

Glazer's arrival puts pressure on Fergie. (7/13)

Rooney not for sale - United chief (7/6)

Glazer protesters storm UEFA meeting and demand action (6/19)

Q&A: What next for Glazer takeover? (6/14)

British government concerned over Glazer's takeover of Manchester United (6/8)

Glazer has Man United boardroom reshuffle (6/7)

United swoop for Fulham goalkeeper Van Der Sar (6/5)

United Fans Launch New Anti-Glazer Plan (6/4)

Glazer ready to sell Rio (5/31)

Fans vow to step up Glazer fight (5/31)

Man Utd Fans to Glazer: "Go Home!" (5/29)

Fergie won't bow down to Glazer (5/22)

Glazer plays hide and seek (5/20)

Glazer dealt United TV blow (5/20)

Fans meet to discuss Glazer bid (5/19)

Glazer takes control of United (5/16)

Manchester United board set to back Glazer bid (5/15)

Shepherd issues warning to Glazer (5/15)

Man Utd fans vow to fight takeover (5/13)

Man U fans' fury as Glazer takes control (5/13)

Glazer gains control of Manchester United (5/13)

Malcolm Glazer Factfile (5/12)

Glazer launches bid for Man Utd (5/12)

'Accept 800m or I walk away': Glazer to put Man Utd on spot (5/9)

Manchester United Fans Enlist Nomura to Block Glazer (5/3)

Board Exhorted to Deny Glazer Support (4/27)

Man United to put Glazer bid to shareholders (4/27)

Malcolm Glazer is back again bidding for Manchester United

Glazer would consider hostile Man Utd bid-sources

Glazer to Pressure Manchester United on Bid


Glazer to hike up Man Utd ticket prices

Blatter supports United fans in fight against Glazer

Glazer Decision Expected in Two Weeks

The financial facts of Glazer trying to takeover Man U

Soccer-Thousands join anti-Glazer protest in Manchester

United fans to protest Glazer

Glazer's son seeks to woo Man Utd

Torch-lit protest at Glazer

Malcolm Glazer and Manchester United - Feint or Play?

The Guardian profile: Malcolm Glazer



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Manchester United deny reports linking the club with takeover offer from Qatar
For all the latest reports and transfer rumours, visit our dedicated section here Qatari investors reportedly held secret talks with Manchester United last week, proposing a potential 1.5 billion takeover from the club’s current owners, the Glazer family – according to a report in The Guardian. However, yesterday the club denied reports suggesting that an approach had been made and reiterated that the club is not for sale.
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Your reactions (last 75):

Date 23-12-2011 16:07:18
Country USA

From steve
Date 18-12-2011 5:28:02
Country united states
Message   U have fucked the bucs with raheen morris, what's next!!!

From Sky Lau
Date 8-12-2011 3:22:26
Country China
Message   Hey, guys. Call them VORAZERs from now on!!

From fuckuglazer
Date 7-12-2011 23:22:17
Country mancunia
Message   Now you can fuck off glazer you tight ginger yank twat

From Haroun
Date 23-11-2011 16:16:16
Country Malaysia
Message   Ha ha! Pathetic Citeh fans trying to intimidate wonderful ManU fans. Ha ha! What a joke. Everyone knows Citeh fans all come from Stockport. I suggest you all go back there! Ha ha!

From Dave Parkinson
Date 14-11-2011 17:16:24
Country Manchester uk
Message   Please sell Utd and make your profits and kindly fuck off we are the biggest club in the world and have over 500illion fans we are I need of at least 4 new players and need to get rid of ferdie Evans fletcher Anderson and replace them with the quality we used to have our only rivals are barcalona who the fuck are man city they can't even get 45000 fans that council ground

From red
Date 10-11-2011 18:40:17
Country not eastlands
Message   Fuck me,their fans have David Pratt err Platt at it.We`re like Barcalona coz of beating QPR.QPR would look like Barca against Tilbury fc Platt you dick.Them cunts beat us on a bad day thanks to Evans getting sent off.Well i hope you blue savoured the moment,one win will not win you the league THATS OURS so fuck off.Wait for OUR revenge at your United err sorry Etihad ground haha.

From Sick Swan
Date 29-10-2011 18:53:03
Country Manchester, not Trafford
Message   You should be grateful you've got the Glaziers. It could be worse, you could have the Edwards clan who sold poisoned meat to Manchester schoolchildren. You could have the sort of management that turned your heroes,injured at Munich, out of their club houses without giving them a penny in compensation.
Anyway lads, phone the helpline 0161 616161.

From keano77
Date 28-10-2011 23:37:11
Country ireland
Message   look its simple. nothing wrong with united squad as such.. all that is needed is a half decent playmaker. alot of baggage to get rid of ie carrick, anderson, evans, fletcher. the glazers have fucked up this wonderful club no doubt but ask the question why wasnt midfield sort when the dog on the street knew it was that position that would cause the problems. as for citys drumming of us .... shit happens. and wont happen again.

From red
Date 27-10-2011 13:41:41
Country not eastlands
Message   You City fans fuck off,this isn`t your webpage.City6,and you tosser below me,35 YEARS 1 CUP,HAHAHA SHITE!!.UNITED 35 YEARS, A MULTITUDE OF CUPS INCLUDING 12 LEAGUE TITLES, 8 FA CUPS, 4 LEAGUE CUPS, 2 EUROPEAN CUPS, AND 11 COMMNUNITY SHIELD CUPS.Them PAKS will pull out long before you win near that.CITY 6(being 6 years old) i`m not reading your shite about Uniteds team players because your basing that on that one off loss,which was only because Evans was sent off.Wanker, if we got a below par squad why did we thump ARSENAL 7-2? In 9 games we`re just below your 500 million quid squad with you drawing one less and us with 2 less games won.Come May next year the league is ours again.That Gnocchi munching ITi you`ve got is fuck all without Sheik Manhood giving him all that bent loot.

From raped
Date 27-10-2011 1:05:01
Country fucksvill
Message   hey you munich fucks 1-6 hahahhahahahahahhhahahahahehehhehehhehhehehheheh

From City6
Date 26-10-2011 15:30:08
Country Manchester
Message   OK 'red' here's the rundown on your team's performance.

De Gea - 18million keeper who spent most of the time on his arse or thumping the turf. Couldn't marshall a trolley round Tesco let alone his defence. What a waste of money.

Smalling - Not at the races and nowhere to be seen for at 5 of the goals.

Ferdinand - Has been. Way over the hill. Give it up now Wio. P.S. Thanks for the corner.

Evans - Utter dog shit. Always has been, always will be. May explain why he's such a fucking cheat.

Evra - Totally ineffective and went AWOL most of the time. Welbeck was in his position for the 5th. On the slide.

Anderson - Useless fat fuck totally out of his depth without a couple of superstars to carry him through the game. Barge on Richards should have been a penalty.

Fletcher - World famous in Scotland but totally overrated and also out of his depth. Nice finish for the goal though.

Nani - Just a shit Michael Jackson. Contributed fuck all to United's cause.

Young - Started OK for 10 minutes despite a despicable dive trying to get Milner booked when he didn't touch him. (Watch it again if you can). Then bottled it and went into hiding for the rest of the match.

Welbeck - Fast tracked into the England squad purely on the basis of having played a couple of games for Glory Glory ManU. Showed willing but just ran around like a headless chicken most of the time.

Rooney - Spent all game looking as though he was just thinking 'What the fuck am I doing here?'

Jones - A 20 million buy who looks worth every penny of, er, 5 million. Left for dead by Aguero for the 3rd. Come back in 5 years Phil and we'll see if you've been worth it.

Chick Pea - Looked like he was about to cry.

Ferguson - Looked what he is. A sad lonely old pisscan who's seen the future. Couldn't even be arsed to issue his team with tactical instructions. Just bollocked the senior players for not parking the bus and settling for a 3-1 defeat. What a cunt!

Apart from the above I thought United did well.

From red
Date 24-10-2011 9:27:43
Country not eastlands
Message   Wankstain below me,tosspot,you don`t actually think your gonna beat us everytime you play United you piece of rubbish.You only got that scoreline because we had a man down.All your players you`ve signed are only there for trher oil money not for the lover of your Club history! cup in 35 years HAHAHAS fuckin SHITE.United ARE still champions and we`ll take our revenge at Everton THEN you mong cunts.

From Blue Manc
Date 23-10-2011 16:57:28
Country England
Message   6-1!!! SIX FUCKING ONE!! United scum got absolutely fucking arse raped and this is only the beginning. Get used to it you plastic cunts. Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!

From yuaddo
Date 21-9-2011 8:32:46
Country Kenya
Message   Qatar owners can make united like the free spending local rivals .......

From Manc
Date 9-9-2011 16:54:56
Country Manchester
Message   Jenson Button may have disrupted the traffic around Deansgate but at least Fergie's bum boys didn't. That's because no fucker turned up for your parade! Bwahahahahaha!

From red
Date 30-8-2011 8:17:10
Country manc
Message   This is for stuck up knobcheese Jensen Button and Manchester councillor and rentboy Mike Amesbury.Thanks for closing off Deansgate and allowing Button to go wissing around in his big go-cart.I love mcr but i didn`t love another desruption of our roads even for one day.Its bad enough with all the friggin road works all year Amesbury you twat.

From mutagubya nelson
Date 28-8-2011 20:08:12
Country uganda
Message   great

From red
Date 18-8-2011 17:46:33
Country manc
Message   Slimy cunt Glazer keeps MU while selling off a chunk of it.Wipes off all the debt and keeping a foothold.Well,some say this is another hedge fund so will there be another horrible stinking interest charge to come? With the sneaky, sleazy dubious antics going on with that slimy parrotfaced American toad you can easily guess that.Noone knows for sure what`s REALLY going on because fat old shithead yank/jewboy never comes out and says anything.United`s problems are still here tbh,even though things at the moment may seem a bit better.

From Nikolai Stiksrud
Date 16-8-2011 20:46:14
Country Norway
Message   Fuck Glazer!!

From red
Date 7-8-2011 17:33:00
Country mancland

From red
Date 7-8-2011 17:12:09
Country republic of mancunia
Message   All the money all the show,manshittys goal jammy as fuckall,real class remains with MANU who`s goals are great and who`s play is dominant and brilliant.How stupid are silly fans comparing themselves to Barcelona? 43 years since A league win AND still counting.Bringing their ludicrous statement down to Earth.Silly fucks.

From city fan
Date 6-8-2011 1:24:09
Country manchester
Message   laffin my cock off at all u munes,feel the pain you fucking muppets,city's coming atcha..35 years and we're still the biggest team in Manchester,you're the biggest club in the A LOT OF SENSE

From still barmy
Date 4-8-2011 23:34:19
Country Manchester(City of)
Message   "grammer"...priceless!

From red
Date 3-8-2011 14:43:36
Country City of Manchester
Message   Your grammer and spelling is both wrong so that makes you more retarded than me still Barmy.You couldn`t spell "mongol"like i didn`t, don`t crack on you are an english expert you wankstain lookin up in the Dictionary.Fuck u.Go and do your arse dance you ignorant little shite.

From still barmy
Date 3-8-2011 3:08:39
Country Manchester(City of)
Message   Typical workshy,lazy bastarding Rag.And the spelling's "mongol" you thick cunt.Don't forget your trainers on Saturday,see if you can beat the record you set at the Semi-Final.

From red
Date 2-8-2011 7:16:40
Country mancunia
Message   Mancunian,i was asking that inbred what the term"rags"meant,testing him.I knew myself what its origin was,he wasn`t answering the question.i never had to google it to find the info(you would about anything) like a dick fiddlying mongel like you had to.I bought tickets at manu even since my dole days over 20 years when it took 2 thirds of my weekly benefit to buy it per match.So fuck your arsehole and stay indoors and wank your cock silly you prick.

From Mancunian
Date 1-8-2011 18:52:44
Country England
Message   OK red, seeing as you don't know your own club's history, when United didn't have a pot to piss in and struggled to get crowds of 6000 they couldn't even afford to buy themselves a set of new kit. So they turned out in an old kit so threadbare that their own supporters christened them the rags or rubbing rags. Then a rich owner called James Gibson came along, baled them out of debt and saved them from bankruptcy. N.B. He was the second rich sugar daddy to drag your club out of the financial shit. There are many sides to 'history'. The problem is that rag scum like you ignore the bad bits and just concentrate on the Sky years. You sad plastic fuck.

From red
Date 1-8-2011 13:29:04
Country mancunia
Message   One thing to do with a dead Malcolm Glazer--Block up the Mersey and flood Anfield,another is melt him down for a lifetimes supply of chip fat,another is,use him as a speed hump or put him in a bra and pants and charge Rooney for a drunken Friday night fiddle.

From Jonathon
Date 31-7-2011 22:22:49
Country USA
Message   Die Die Glazer, fucking die.

From red
Date 31-7-2011 7:42:31
Country not near tosspot below
Message   Nevermind asking me to look up what rag means you slag him off and you still haven`t answered the question.When will i get the answer tithead?

From still barmy
Date 31-7-2011 1:45:27
Country Manchester(City of)
Message   red,typical know nowt jcl,look it up you thick cunt,that's if you're not dicklicksic,nah just prolly a dick licker.

From red
Date 30-7-2011 16:17:32
Country mancunia
Message   Hey thick scum two comments down,what do you know what a rag is? You haven`t actually explained.Is it because you know nowt you thick fuckin shit.

From Slur Shakin' Bacon
Date 29-7-2011 18:18:30
Country Wilmslow
Message   Answer the fucking 'phone Glazer ye cunt ye,where's me 100million "warchest" ya promised me,ya bas ye,latest news,Chica fuckin rito is a proper certified heedbanger,that's why he's not playing,but keep it quiet,'cos there'll be no resale value,giz me dosh ya titefisted bas ya!!

From still barmy
Date 29-7-2011 17:18:39
Country Manchester of course
Message   "rag" isn't chavvy or racist,you thick cunt,do some fucking research on YOUR history,(that's before 1992),fucking numbnuts know nowt typical rag.

From bill tarmey
Date 20-7-2011 15:33:11
Country not like that dickhead below me
Message   By the way,till barmey,you try to make yourself sound so intelligent using long words but you also use thicko chavlike phrases like 'ur wifes undies"and "FUCK UR SELF".And also you proved that your a thick chav racist as you put "criteria for being a rag".Someone should hack your bits off so you don`t breed.

From bill tarmey
Date 20-7-2011 15:22:37
Country not like that dickhead below me
Message   Hey,idiot,WTF really has the time to read all that shite from a (or is it)Man City fan? All that garbage you`ve thrown at me,i`ll throw back at you,simpleton.You`ve got more obscene money than any football club and you still are bitter blue,put that big childs dummy back in your mouth you football ignoramous.

From till barmey
Date 19-7-2011 21:18:01
Country ur wifes undies
Message   The criteria for being a rag fan:

Obsessed with Manchester's only PL club.
Prone to telling lies.
Selective amnesia.
Only very basic literacy skills required.
A propensity to laugh uproariously at one's own comments.
A propensity to 'like' one's own comments.
To blatantly dismiss, and/or distort facts.
Not very bright. (This is essential as David Gill will be assessing I.Q.'s)
Must be devoid of any football knowledge.
Must confuse 'history', with 'success'
Must deny everything negative associated with the club, even when it's common knowledge.
Must claim that the club's association with Manchester is greater than 19 years, and that Newton Heath was part of Manchester in 1878.
Must use the following 'buzzwords' in every contribution:


Must be able to repeat, ad infinitum, you'll never win a trophy amd you'll never qualify for the Champions League.

Oh, wait, replace that with you'll never win 19 titles and you'll never win the Champions League. The fact that 'never' is a very very long time, is neither here nor there.

And finally, always remind the 'Berties', that Sheikh Mansour will walk away in the next 2 months

love bill's bit on the side BILL FUCK UR SELF

From Ocean Finance
Date 19-7-2011 3:01:18
Country On the Phone
Message   Stop phoning us,you fuckers! No you can't borrow 35 million for Sneijder,get Scholes out of retirement,you skint bastards!

From bill tarmey
Date 9-7-2011 5:19:22
Country not eastlands
Message   LOL if Man City jokes are funny,how about the best one of all,ETIHAD.In translation from Arabic its UNITED.Cary Cook looking like the biggest dickhead on the planet gives it the go-ahead.So what if it brings in more sleazy loot they`ve got Manhood throwing it at them,but they decide call their stadium UNITED HAHA.Are they going to rename their end stand after Colin Bell next? On a serious note though,UEFA are going to but the brakes on these cunts at some point.

From bill tarmey
Date 7-7-2011 17:49:03
Country not eastlands
Message   To the commentor below me,you shove you head down a big shreader prick,the 2nd world war made it that long(37 years) when Old Trafford got bombed shit for brains.We didn`t have some mega rich person coming in with a shit load of cash to end that long spell.Shite City would`ve stayed shite for another 35years or more if it wasn`t for that paki Sheik Manhood.You can never defend that laughing stock of a club who in 35years only managed a cup final THREE times,being relegated two times down.Winning FUCK ALL.YOU CANNOT DEFEND THAT.All you sad cunts come back with is Munich,Noel Gallgher also used to sound like a bitter blue saddo.

From shopping @ netto / lidl aldi
Date 7-7-2011 11:25:56
Country owed trafford / salford not manchester
Message   Dear jack duckworth aka bill tarmey red fan ny

just fook off and die .....thirty seven years is still 37yrs u muppet ...... you still win by 2 two ....looking foward to the new season


FUCKING HATE RAGS //// ya thats me the 1 that fucked you wife, girlfriend, daughter ,and mom if shes young enough (as they say at the nursing home ! an old 1 closing is as good as a young 1 opening

fuck of rags hate the lot of you from london-dublin-singapor-china-

ocean finance on the fone must go

DO 1 (middle finger)

From 37 years
Date 1-7-2011 8:15:45
Message   to every cockney, scouse, man city loving piece of shit...i forgot, who won the league

scoreboard you fucking losers

From 37 years
Date 26-6-2011 8:48:52
Country manchester
Message   Ooo during them second world war years when our ground was bombed that fa cup was a trophy aching to be won in 1948,such any trophy delayed even further by a bomb.Talk about a spanner thrown in the works,Hitler should of at least bombed Maine road instead.Pity he didn`t.

From Bill Tarmey
Date 26-6-2011 8:13:01
Country not eastlands
Message   Dickhead just made a comment below me.look right mong,i was telling him in my previous comment i never mentioned 37 years,that was my point,it wasn`t in the text you arsehole so fuck you shit for brains.You no doubt are a plastic sky card wanker whos obviously forgot before your fa cup win that you won anything coz you never went to see your shite club.If you for once in your life go to your shite ground,you practise sitting on cocks when you do that arse dance.

From 37 Years
Date 25-6-2011 9:50:15
Country Manchester
Message   Ho ho! Poor old Bill Tarmey. Such a big red that he doesn't even know his own club's history. The 37 years without a trophy refers to your own club shit for brains. The longst period that a Manchester club (loosely speaking) has gone without a trophy. 3735. You win.

From Claes Petersson
Date 18-6-2011 16:44:37
Country Sweden
Message   Fking c*nt Glazers. Hope you find yourself in a 9/11 situation and do not make it. I do hope, with all my heart, that Glazers (the whole family and relatives) would just go and die. Sooner the better.

From Bill Tarmey
Date 17-6-2011 15:16:08
Country not eastlands
Message   This is to the person below me,till barmey.How can you shut someone up on a computer screen, wanker?I haven`t got sky also,and never did have you tosspot.The THIRD thing you got WRONG is me never mentioning 37 years,i mentioned 35 years.Do us a favour mong,go piss and shit in your bog pot and go stuff your head down it,YOU DELUDED PRICK.AND DOWN SAY SHITE ABOUT BUYING ANYONE OUT SUKAPENIS TILL BARMEY.

From till barmey
Date 14-6-2011 12:54:59
Country ocean finance
Message   ffs bill shut the fook up you plastick sky card wanker 37 years is longer than 35 by 2

ocean finance on the pfone


From Bill Tarmey
Date 11-6-2011 7:55:38
Country Not eastlands
Message   We should`ve easy beat you in that fa cup semi CTID.Anyway,i hope you enjoyed you FIRST trophy in 35 long long years.Stoke deserved it more,they have to wait even longer for theirs.Oh dear,you like making childish inflammatory remarks about our top players,you still seem very envious (and scared) about our efficiency and our winning record,change yours haha.BTW don`t associate every Scotsman as a drunkard,your board members of your shitty club over the years must of been on the ale day and night!!

Date 10-6-2011 9:35:45
Country England
Message   Bill Tarmey - could have, would have, should have. Yeah and if my auntie had bollocks she'd be my uncle. "Bebe might be good." Yeah and I might win fucking Euromillions this week. Ravel Morrision? Who the fuck is he? I can't wait to see him replacing the grannyshagger or the Mexican rent boy. In any case he's got other wonder boys like Macheda (pmsl) to overtake first. And don't get me started on Squidward Obertan, yet another value in the market signing by Sir Pisshead. Did you go to a match last season or couldn't you get tickets? Or did you just wear your replica shirt around Ikea on match days? Sad deluded gloryhunting plastic cunt.

From Bill Tarmey aka Redfan united
Date 7-6-2011 10:13:58
Country Bill Tarmey aka Redfan united
Message   Bill Tarmey aka Redfan united

giggs fu**s his sister

in law

From Bill Tarmey
Date 6-6-2011 16:31:28
Country Not eastlaNDS
Message   CTID Mong dickhead we gifted you with that goal thanks to Carricks mistake and as usual we dominated the most of that first half and should`ve been at least 2 goals up yous lot stood about like potted plants when we could`ve and should`ve scored them goals and win again.Fergie will always be the best manager you wish you had coz your never gonna get one ever like him and at least for long as,that old wop cunt will be another city manager to bite the dust in your chaotic and ludicrous history.BTW mong we did the money for morlock but he deciced he wanted to suck cock and play for you,Bebe might be good and we`ve got another reserve sensation, striker Ravel Morrison,watch him and worry you City cunt.

Date 4-6-2011 11:03:00
Country England
Message   So, Bill Tarmey, City ONLY beat Stoke and ONLY with a late goal Well, moron, it wasn't as late as United's goal in the semi. We're still fucking waiting. You did though smash the record for the fastest evacuation of Wembley. Didn't even have the decency to applaud your team off the field. As for 'Morlock' have you already forgotten 'Fergie, Fergie sign him up!' Baconface was desperate to sign him permanently but didn't have any money. Bwahahahaha! Never mind, you've always got Bebe.

From Bill Tarmey
Date 2-6-2011 6:48:01
Country OT not eastlands
Message   Parade orginiser,all you had to do was beat Stoke,and Stoke isn`t Barcelona, is it. Grandad Vierra,ande that morlock lookalike Tevez(from the film Time Machine)ugly twat you lot took ages to score ONE goal,like you mixed up blue cunts you won`t be honest and say what a shite 35 years its been,your players all still nowhere near as good as ours although better than the ones you did have.Cockney import Noel Gallagher like his Cockney import brother talk shite about MUFC, the blue cunts.

From Bill Tarmey aka Redfan united
Date 1-6-2011 1:05:23
Country Mancunia
Message   What was Man Citys last game at Maine road? I remember,it was against Southampton (league) and guess what??? You got beat,2-0 haha,what other result would it be ha.Parade orginiser,remeber whilstr your silly mocking of a historic winning acheivment of a illustrious cup winning Manchester Club,MUFC it never takes a superior manager 35 years to build a great side,he builds several.Man Shitty,35 years ONE trophy,fuckin crap and we also ended up paying stewards for your silly jolly jape up to eastlands so up yours.BTW Hitler didn`t know football,if he did he`d bomb your shitty club.A superior side was at United prior to Munich,google it pal.

From jelly
Date 31-5-2011 0:50:37
Country anywhere
Message   neville is a rat faced ugly cunt,slur alex is a piss pot whos going to have a fucking heart attack anyday,and that fucking fat grany shaging chimp rooney the big fat prostite shager

From marco
Date 30-5-2011 23:54:23
Country asia
Message   i wanted to see our wonderfull parade but living out in asia its such a long way,i must say the streets looked packed just a sea of green and gold,dont take any notice of what these city fans say i know there was 200,000 there in the streets and another 70,000 in the ground, thanks uncle malcolme for all you have done for me and the club

From parade orginiser
Date 30-5-2011 23:39:13
Country virgin islands
Message   Man utd got rapped the other night by barcalona what a sight to see . camel mouth having a wank over rooney ,,shiterito running offside every time utd put the ball in their half (4 times)
YA WE KNOW 35 YEARS ....37 is longer...
enjoy your time @ thr yop rags it is about to come to an end


1 you paid for our council house THANK U
2 a waste of council tax was having 20000 cops and stewards at you mickey mouse parade
3 man city lent main road to the rags during the war
4 you have built your club from the memory of a plane crash (respect from me)

From Redfan united
Date 29-5-2011 15:09:11
Country not eastlands
Message   That other comment below mine comes from a shitty city fan. We paid for their home,we paid for their hooooome,what a waste of council tax,we paid for their home.Not that long ago since Man Shitty league derbies were against Macclesfield.Then League games against Gillingham when they moved up.Man shitty were embarrasingly shite.Still are but not as bad as that.

From Pep Guardiola/
Date 29-5-2011 12:06:03
Country not salfold
Message   how is messi so good we need to buy him tomorrow (more finance) get rid of a few like BUPA Owen and hargreaves ....gigsy dont go we will give you waynes bit on the side (the granny) to keep u happy.... as for that offside little shiterioto learn the ruls linesman no man u player can be offside






fuck off rags hate every one of you

From arka
Date 29-5-2011 9:07:39
Country india
Message   No one can buy united!!!

From Redmanc
Date 28-5-2011 6:10:47
Country Mancunia
Message   betty Magoo shity City fan,the biggest embarrasment to world football until only 6 weeks ago with you buying that Fa cup win.You Chelsea lookalikes(even more than them) have never deserved all that loot esp when that bent Thai bastard first started giving you his bent loot and that pathetic shambles called the Football Association let him.All you blue puffs doing the "pozman"look like your sitting on cocks and Sheik Manhood prob does it for real.FOLLOW THE REAL MANCHESTER FOOTBALL CLUB,MUFC.

From Redmanc
Date 28-5-2011 5:47:35
Country Of Mancunia
Message   Arsewipe Arsenal fan,wanker,(who`s under the name Rednose t****r)stick your dummy back in your sad spunk dribbling gob and stop suckin Arsene.Don`t blame a superior Manchester football team because you dickhead managers won jackshit for 6 years.Try and and get a manager of Fergusons quality,and play like us, fairly like us,skillfully lke us,winning games and trophies like us,otherwise go and stuff your cakehole with jellied eels and ram `em down with a black rubber dong and shut the fuck up.

Date 28-5-2011 5:32:45
Country Redmanc
Message   Eh scouse slob of shite just like your shite no hope Anfield crap hole club.20 YEARS NO LEAGUE HAHAH,FUCK YOU turd burgler,you scouse plop pants even steAL THEMhaha.Gerrard is also a plop pants can`t fight in a bar unless all his theiving scouse mates are with hiM.FERGIE AND UNITED THE MOST ESTEEMED AND SUCCESSFUL CLUB IN ENGLAND DONE THE RIGHT WAY SO FUCK OFF YOU KENNY PLOPPY PANTS LOVER.

Date 24-5-2011 18:34:05
Country Manchester
Message   Message to all rag scum.


You win!

From Basingstoke Red
Date 18-5-2011 16:06:12
Country England
Message   I agree with red 4 ever. Lickle Citeh bought the FA Cup with mercenary players. United won the league just with players who came through the youth academy like Rooney, Ferdinand, van der Sar, Nani, Berbatov, Anderson, Carrick, Fabio, Rafael, Hernandez and Valencia. United have never bought any players for multi million pound fees and don't have any mercenary players. It's not true that Rooney wanted to leave United but changed his mind when they doubled his wages. He would have stayed anyway. City fans are deluded. I've been a loyal United fan since 1999 when I stopped supporting Liverpool. One day I hope to go to Old Trafford but I can't get tickets. Anyway it's easier to put on my replica shirt and watch them on TV down the pub.

From red 4 ever
Date 15-5-2011 13:45:43
Country uk
Message   19 fucking times!!!!still the best,enuf said... o by the way well done our small neighbours moneychester sitty on buying your first trophie in 30 odd years, blue moon rising!! sad pedo cunts, your fucked when that gay arab sells and runs off home,all them average tossers on mega wages! manchester, red 4 ever,one united, champs yet again,stay down and envious you little blue cunts, bow your head when you see a red

From Gok Wan
Date 14-5-2011 19:48:17
Country England
Message   oooooo someone needs a makeover

From Malcolm Glazer
Date 11-5-2011 0:20:29
Country USA
Message   Listen an Listen Good , you Manchester soccer fans . I am not going to Sell the club even more so after Ive invested so much in Bebe .
hopefully we can get Nick Barmby to replace the ginger Pele . an a bit of spare change for an old slapper for our wayne ..

From Ocean Finance
Date 2-5-2011 5:56:21
Country On the phone
Message   Stop phoning us you fuckers,even we can't solve your debt.

From Manchester is Blue
Date 2-5-2011 5:48:57
Country Manchester of fucking course
Message   Boo Hoo,Skrikin' bastards,don't give me any mither,if you don't understand this,prolly manu fans.out.

From James Massey
Date 24-4-2011 7:30:55
Country Australia

From David Bernstein
Date 24-4-2011 0:59:46
Country F.A.Headquarters,London.
Message   You do as you're told,you do as you're told,you're man ushited,you as you're told.And don't you forget it you Rag cunts,Green and Gold till you fucking fold.What a fuckin' twitter Camel lip is.

From Berty Fuckin Magoo he he he
Date 20-4-2011 23:36:23
Country Manchester(That's in England,for all you Manyoo fans)
Message   Liddle Ciddy fuckin' turned you red cunts over good style in the Semi,better get used to it you fuckin' red bastards,the Blue Moon IS Rising,constrast the 2 sets of fans,City..outsinging you bastards,the Poznan,Ushited...moody fuckers in black,eating prawn sarnies.You don't deserve your success,cunts of the highest order,loads of OOTers,fuckin' can't wait till you go down the pan,oh,and don't come asking for money again this time,you Rag Bastards,like you did in 1902,cos we'll tell you to fuck off.I fuckin' luv it!!!CTID.Green and Yeller,oh how I love that Yankee feller!

From rednose tosser
Date 28-3-2011 16:28:23
Country england
Message   Why are Man U shit? Because they cheat lol
What make red nose red - he is a twat
How many Mancs at a Man U Game - the same as the goals they will be scoring shortly - zero
Man U the cheating football club. They should specialise in Kick Boxing and Time management - unless the game goes on for 5 hours they bully refs in to everything. The club is SCUM, full of cheats, Cant wait to see it go bust. No dignity, no fair play. Love to watch Man U playing lower league football again, its their level. Old red nose, never had the ability or win ratio of Bob Paisley. Now there was a manager of dignity and quality. Arsenal Fan

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